Key Technologies   Key Improved Performances
SGI.4 Long hours of operation
Shorter lead times
Spindle Core Cooling Precise shape accuracy at high speed machining
Higher stiffness, hence better dynamic accuracy
Under Race Lubrication Thermal stability
Longer bearing life (>50%)
    Longer tool life
PS Series

FORMULA FOR SUCCESS, Makino F-series is your answer to challenging demands on efficiency and competitive solutions. Developed for the medium to higher end Die Mold market, F-series provide solutions for majority of the Die Mold Industries like Precision Plastic Mold, Die Casting, and Forging Die. Improved performance in applications include Core, Cavity, Electrode making and Fine 3D machining.

Makino’s commitment to total quality for exceptional results can be seen in extensive developments in Spindle Technology, Motion Technology and machine building.

Makino’s Invention of under race cooling* of spindle bearing shows remarkable improvement in increasing bearing life by more than 200% over conventional type. Highly balanced system also reduces vibration. The results are longer tool life of up to 30% and higher quality finish resulting in the elimination or reduction of polishing time.

Another key technology is Makino’s development of Super Geometric Intelligence (SGI) which allows high speed NC data processing with accurate profile control. This provides high quality surface finish with shorter cycle time of up to 30% (depends on N.C. data) as well as good control of parting lines and elimination of flashes in mold parts.

Machine building establishment of geometric accuracies of X, Y and Z axes through scrapping, against the general practice of electronic error compensation means that the motion elements last longer due to their natural alignment. Machines retain sustainable high accuracy due to low wear and tear.

With twice the mechanical structure rigidity, F-series maintains a highly rigid mechanical structure that is ideal for precision die mold machining.

* Apply to 20,000 rpm spindle (option)

Model X x Y x Z axes Rapid Traverse Spindle Speed Range Spindle Taper Hole
F3 650 x 500 x 450 mm 20 m/min 120 ~ 12,000 rpm
(Optional 200 ~ 20,000 rpm)
7/24 taper No. 40
(Optional HSK-A63)
F5 900 x 500 x 450 mm 20 m/min 120 ~ 12,000 rpm
(Optional 200 ~ 20,000 rpm)
7/24 taper No. 40
(Optional HSK-A63)

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