Die Mold EDM

No one can match Makino's combination of innovative machine tools and software technology in both Ram and wire EDM machining. Makino's newest wire EDM machining technology is really hot. It's H.E.A.T., the High Energy Applied Technology that cuts parts 18% to 44% faster while holding tolerances of straightness to 0.0005" (T.I.R.) with one pass and 0.0002" (T.I.R.) with two passes. You can follow the latest advances in this exciting new wire EDM machining technology on blog at www.edmmatters.com.

Only Makino can offer you the combination of award-winning, high-precision U-Series Drop Tank Wire EDMs and our exclusive HQSF™ (High-Quality Surface Finish) technology with patented uSc additive. Only Makino can give you industry-leading WireWizard™ control technology and the world's first conventional horizontal wire EDM that automatically threads and machines with a 0.02 mm diameter wire.

Makino continues to be an industry leader with a number of EDM machines and Makino-exclusive technologies that are bringing new speed to ever more complex and involved geometries.

Ram and wire EDM machining technology from Makino helps reduce cycle times while providing enhanced quality and superior surface finishes. And the flexibility of Makino machine technology with turnkey engineering solutions allows for automation solutions with all levels of integration to help further reduce operational costs.