Makino (Asia, Singapore)

Responsible for distribution in Southeast Asia and India, Makino, Singapore manufactures vertical milling machines and machining centers. They develop and deliver turnkeys and systems and even have a foundry for machine tool sub-components.

Mile stones "A Brief History

1937 Tsunezo Makino establishes the Manufacturing Division of Makino Shoten, specializing in the manufacture of No.1 type vertical milling machines.
1958 Develops the K-Series of top-selling vertical milling machines and Japan's first NC milling machine.
1961 The global headquarter company name is changed to Makino Milling Machine Co., Ltd.
1966 Develops Japan's first machining center.
1980 Develops the N/C Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM).
1981 Buys over LeBlond Machine Tool Company in the U.S. changes its name to LeBlond Makino Machine Tool Company, launches the production of Makino machine tools and establishes the Singapore branch LeBlond Asia Pte Ltd.
1982 Develops the DMS Commercial Automatic Die and Mold Machining System.
1984 Introduces the industry's first high-speed spindle and develops first 5-axis controlled machining center.
1986 Introduces the first Intelligent Adaptive Control System and develops the Module MMC (Makino Machining Complex).
1987 The Singapore branch company name is changed to LeBlond Makino Asia Pte Ltd.
1989 Introduces the A55, revolutionizing horizontal machining centers.
1990 Makino R&D Center becomes operational.
1992 Today's Asia headquarter, Makino Asia Pte Ltd is set up. The production of wire EDM starts and the Ram EDM develops with Makino Tokyo.
1994 Introduces KE55 New Generation Milling Machine
1995 Establishes Makino India Pvt Ltd
1999 Establishes Makino (China) Co. Ltd
2002 Launches SP43 and S33
2003 Launches SP64 and S56. Develops world's first conventional horizontal wire EDM that automatically threads and machines with a 0.02 mm diameter wire. Opening of Makino Asia Technical Center in China.
2004 Establishment of Makino (Thailand) Co., Ltd in Bangkok, Thailand
2005 Development of EDNC43T; Production of Slim3 in Makino India Private Limited manufacturing plant in Bangalore, India.
2006 Establishment of Makino (China) Co. Ltd manufacturing plant in Kunshan, China
2007 Development of Makino's new wire EDM solution, the DUO Series; DUO43 and DUO64
2009 Launches F series and PS series to meet competitive market requirements.