Makino Japan

The world headquarters of Makino Milling Machine Company, Makino, Tokyo invented the commercially viable horizontal machining center. Responsible for distribution of Makino machine tools and solutions in Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan, they manufacture the complete line of Makino machine tools. Their R&D Department is recognized as the world leader in metal cutting technology. Makino Tokyo develops and delivers turnkeys and systems.

Innovations and Milestones:

Makino. A Brief History

1937 Tsunezo Makino establishes the company.
1953 Develops a super-precision universal cutter & tool grinder.
1958 Develops Japan's first NC milling machine.
1966 Develops Japan's first machining center.
1972 Develops transfer line (FMS) consisting of adaptive control machining centers.
1978 Acquires interest in Heidenreich & Harbeck, Germany.
1980 Develops the N/C Electrical Discharge Machine.
1981 Purchases LeBlond Machine Tool Company in Cincinnati, Ohio.
1982 Develops the DMS Commercial Automatic Die and Mold Machining System.
1983 Makino's Flexible Manufacturing System factory starts operation.
1984 Introduces the industry's first high-speed spindle.
1984 Develops first 5-axis controlled machining center.
1986 Introduces first Intelligent Adaptive Control System.
1986 Develops the Module MMC (Makino Machining Complex).
1989 Introduces the A55, revolutionizing horizontal machining centers.
1990 R&D Center becomes operational.
1990 Introduces Geometric Intelligence, the first servo-control software to provide higher machining speed with enhanced accuracy.
1990 Develops Flush Fine machining, revolutionary method for cutting hardened materials.
1994 Introduces award-winning, high-precision U-Series Drop Tank Wire EDM.
1996 Develops 3-D die/mold CAD/CAM system.
1996 Introduces HQSF™ (High-Quality Surface Finish) technology with patented uSc additive.
2002 Introduces EdCAM™ offline software for programming and automating EDM machinery.
2003 Makino R&D Center becomes operational.
2003 Develops world's first conventional horizontal wire EDM that automatically threads and machines with a 0.02 mm diameter wire.
2006 Develops HEAT for wire EDMs, increasing machining speed by up to 40 percent.
2007 Develops the SurfaceWIZARDTM wire EDM technology, which allows for the elimination of witness lines in stepped parts.
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