Engineering Services

A single source that gives you multiple options

Makino is uniquely qualified to be your single source for developing the most effective solution that will reduce the cost of machining a part. We offer three broad options for you to choose from:

Automation Integration Services

Tooled-up Solutions

Within each option, there are more options for you to choose from. Makino Integration Services encompasses the complete system. Makino takes "prime contractor responsibility" for the complete integration of machining technologies, third-party equipment, application engineering, fixtures, on-time delivery, on-site installation, successful test runs, training and post-production support.

The Makino Turnkey is a comprehensive program that includes application engineering, fixture design and building, tooling design and building, project management, cost and time guarantees, installation, runoffs, technology transfer and, of course, our renowned high-speed machine tools. As your single source, a Makino Turnkey project guarantees cycle times, production rates and throughput.