Makino remains at the forefront of wire EDM innovation with the introduction of H.E.A.T, or High Energy Applied Technology, which is a new technology to provide fastest cutting rates and operating speeds available in wire EDM production. This high accuracy application is possible even with standard 0.25mm brass wires.

This H.E.A.T generator technology incorporates a series of enhanced modifications developed by Makino engineers. It enhances speed and accuracy beyond anything ever demonstrated in recent years, and addresses the needs of production wire EDM job shops, and aerospace and medical applications.

H.E.A.T is a perfect EDM solution for poor flushing situations with detached upper and lower nozzles, as well as machining varying part thickness along the cut path. It is ideal for medical hand tools and piece parts, aerospace housings, jigs and holding fixtures.

The use of H.E.A.T can also enhance small volume parts production of stamping die insert blocks, variable thickness punches, mold cores, inserts and slide blocks. It is also ideal for flat, uniform parts such as stamping die blocks, punch retainers, stripper plates, mold core inserts and mold base components.

H.E.A.T includes a patented wire drying system, which eliminates the replacement of rollers and bearings. It also includes as standard a special filtration process to address high metal removal.