Die Mold Milling

Makino innovations in high-speed machining, applications, software and advanced technologies are helping die/mold shops compete in the global marketplace. We're helping them reduce cycle times and lead times, lower labor costs with unattended machining, make advancements in rapid prototyping, do high performance milling and no-polish EDM burning, to reduce total operating costs.

The combination of Makino's machining centers and its Super Geometric Intelligence (SGI) controls delivering high-speed with enhanced accuracy revolutionized the mold manufacturing process. Frequently a mold can be made in one continuous operation, eliminating multiple setups, manual handling, and the need to move parts from machine to machine. Our superior finish speeds up overall production even further by eliminating the most time-consuming part of traditional mold making, hand polishing.

Makino's machining centers are milling hard materials at record speeds, making molds out of the hardest steels (60+ HRC), eliminating grinding and polishing in the process. Meanwhile Makino continues to be an industry leader with a number of EDM machines and Makino-exclusive technologies that are bringing new speed to ever more complex and involved geometries.


Forging dies that once required eight setups, 40 machine hours and a six-day lead time today are routinely done in a single setup and take three hours and 57 minutes to complete. That's just one example of the revolution in forging led by Makino horizontal machining centers and our patented technology, Flush Fine finishing. See all the ways we can help you forge a new future for your shop here.


Whether you're working with molds that require intricate shapes, molds for micro parts, or medium to large injection molds, Makino's combination of machines, applications and technologies (including SGI controls and Flush Fine) gives you more ways to create the best injection molds with shorter cycle times and a superior finish.


Machining accuracy is essential in Die Cast Dies. No one has more accurate, stable, rigid machines needed to deliver the tolerances and the performance required in this demanding area.